R&D Services

European industries bear stakes impacting the well-being of any European citizen. In order to perform in a competitive, globalized and knowledge-based economy, they increasingly require cutting edge and versatile R&D programs. However investments in highly skilled employees, methods and instruments (as well as an increasing variety of skills) exceed the capacity of most of individual companies. On the other hand, European universities and research institutions hold knowledge, know-how and cutting edge tools covering all the scientifc fields. They are always seeking for new scientific challenges. Thus stong collaboration between academic and private institutions is a unique chance to insure prosperity of both European industries and European academic research.

Magnetometry is a powerful, versatile and non-destructive way to characterize a wide range of raw and functionalised materials, as well as industrial processes. The later may or may not be directly related to the field of magnetism since elements have specific magnetic signatures which can be traced or used to characterize its environment.

The R&D services of the European Magnetometry Network are currently performed through the MagNet consortium funded by EIT KIC Raw Materials. It gathers 16 original partners (7 Universities, 6 research institutions, 2 R&D institutions, 2 companies) from 8 European countries, and covers a large spectrum of expertise including physics, chemistry, material sciences, geology, steel industry, nanotechnologies.

The consortium can provide a wide range of services (measurement service, R&D collaboration, training or advicing, metrology development) to any European SMEs and industries. If you contact us, after defining the problematics and potential solutions, we will select the closest and/or the most relevant magnetometry center to perform the proposed measurements or R&D program.

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Leuven (KU Leuven)
Liège (CRM Group)
Liège (UL)

Tallinn (NICPB)

Bordeaux (UB)
Grenoble (CEA Spintec)
Grenoble (IN)
Maizières-lès-Metz (ArcelorMittal)
Nancy (IJL)

Hanau (Fraunhofer)
Darmstadt (TUD)

Milan (ISTM-CNR)
Parma (IMEM-CNR)
Rome (ISM-CNR)

Nijmegen (EMFL)

Gliwice (IMN)

Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
Bilbao (UPVB)


MagNet is funded by EIT Raw Materials.


Last updated on 14/06/2017