2015 Publications

Needle-type GMR sensor to estimate the magnetic properties of diluted ferrofluid for biomedicine application” H. Shirzadfar, R. Haraszczuk, M. Nadi, D. Kourtiche, S. Yamada, T. Hauet, Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering 36, 178 (2015)
This paper proposes a needle-type giant magnetoresistance (GMR) sensor for very low magnetic fluid weight density of ferrofluid estimation. The magnetic fluids or ferrofluids due to their biocompatibility are used for various applications in medicine such as cancer treatment, magnetic resonance imagining (MRI), cell separation and also to detect the bacteria. The high sensitivity of GMR sensor gives us to accurately measure the magnetic properties of ferrofluid in a weak magnetic field. The results were obtained by GMR sensor are compared by theoretical results and show that the GMR sensor has a good ability for biofluid magnetic characterization.